The Parasailor in the wild

Downwind power boat: Lagoon 400 making 15 knots under Parasailor.

Ovni 365 with Parasailor in light winds.

Nice off-board video of a 188 m² Parasailor on a Fountaine Pajot Eleuthera 60.

Parasailor on Lagoon 500 "Clownfish".

Totally relaxed crew on this RM 1060 under Parasailor.

A family of four from Denmark circumnavigating on a Lagoon 380 with Parasailor.

Speed on in Lübeck Bay (Baltic Sea).

A "Orange Vision" design Parasailor with blue skies in the background. Awesome!

An ARC special design Parasailor on an Oyster 45 in the Solent.

Setup options compared: no pole vs. pole

Parasailor on an Antares 44. Great shots from a camera at the top of the mast.

Laid-back crew and cool music on this Lagoon 380 with a 105 m² Parasailor.