"I'd recommend the Parasailor to everyone"

"You're not at the sheet and guy the whole time, something that really suits a lazy crew. I often set the Parasailor without the pole and just use it like a normal asymmetric. I'd recommend the Parasailor to anyone thinking about buying a new spinnaker."

Jimmy Cornell, sailing pioneer and author, UK

"I had my Parasailor up for more than a week"

"While crossing the Indian Ocean, I had my Parasailor up for more than a week without taking it down. I love my Parasailor and I think it's worth it."

Mike Harker († 2011), hang gliding pioneer and single handed circumnavigator, USA

"The Parasailor - a turbo for sailing yachts"

Bobby Schenk

"Finally an intelligent downwind sail for port to port sails with the Parasailor - a turbo for sailing yachts. You almost can't notice the Parasailor smoothing out the steering of the autopilot - perfect."

Bobby Schenk, sailing legend, circumnavigator and author, Germany


15 kts boat speed under Parasailor on a Lagoon 400

This wild ride on a Lagoon 400 under Parasailor was recorded by the catamaran experts of Traub Yachting. Thanks for this great footage!

By the way, position 1:55 shows very well how stable the Parasailor is.

"The sail exceeded our expectations"

"We set our new Parasailor and went down along the coast of the Canary Island making 9-10 knots, topping at 12.5, and having a very stable ride. The sail exceeded our expectations, judging from the smile of our skipper, who is a seasoned spinnaker sailor."

Gert of Victory Too (Farr 56), ARC 2009 Participant

"No adjusting, no trimming, just cruising"

"Easy hoisting... stress-free sailing... no adjusting, no trimming, just cruising - that's what we like."

Family Kirk, Lagoon 380, Denmark

"Pretty darn strong sail"

"The sails seems pretty darn strong - we had it up in over 30knots AWS but one of the sheets went bang. Minor damage to the sail, possibly dues to lots of (suddenly) higher winds max reading 45knots, just inside the main edge of the sail on port side, lower corner of wing mouth to edge of sail, opening the wing mouth a bit, I only noticed it after a few hours next day, brought it down, stitched it and back up another two days."

Matt Steadman, Privilege 495, UK

"Very well mannered"

"The Parasailor spinnaker went up today and hasn't been down since. Our progress since improved in both comfort and speed. Still making good progress flying just the Parasailor - this new sail flies beautifully and is very well mannered."

Centurion II (Beneteau 50), ARC 2007 Participant

"I am happy with my investment"

"Crossing from Sardenia to Menorca , I used my new Parasailor 60 % of the trip. I was really surprised how easy it was to adjust it even during the night. So far I am happy with my investment and I believe Parasailor will give me the performance I am looking for at the Atlantic and Pacific crossings."

João Lima, Lagoon 420, Brazil

"Hoist in Las Palmas and douse in Barbados"

"We really appreciated this special sail during our Atlantic crossing from 22 December 2007 until 13 January 2008. We could actually have hoisted the Parasailor in Las Palmas and doused it in Barbados. However, for security's sake - after all you never know beforehand - and because we had not gathered too much experience with the new sail, we initially used the genua at night. What's fore sure is the Parasailor is much better at dealing with stronger gusts than regular spinnakers. In addition, the Parasailor looks great."

Alois & Sonja Puchner, Cat Felix, Austria

"Never again without a Parasailor"

DHH Yachtschule Elba

Never again will I go across the Atlantic without a Parasailor. Everbody else overtook us while we hung behind with the genua."

Matthias Maybach, Managing Director of DHH Elba, ARC 2007 participant

"I am truly satisfied with the sail"

Parasailor Testimonial Hansheiri Häfliger

"We used the Parasailor multiple times during the passage, and I can tell you that it convinced us. I am truly satisfied with the sail. Above all, it is sufficiently robust for long-term sailing."

Hansheiri Häfliger, Prout 39 Escale, Switzerland

"We shot through the Messina Strait with NW 25+kts flying the Parasailor"

"We set off from Tunisia one month ago to Sicily which we have practically circled clock­wise while spending a week in the off lying Egadi & Aeolian Islands. While we shot through the Messina Strait with NW 25+ kts flying the Parasailor I mentioned to Barbara the we should just stow the main­sail below as all we’ve used this voyage is the PS in mostly high off the wind sailing and are now convinced this sail is essential for a cruising cat for short or long voyages. It’s easy to set and drop and with it’s self tending abilities it’s also forgiving to wind shifts. We’ve had it sheeted in to 60 deg with 25 kts with no problem in the shifting winds thru the strait. The only problem we have is the carbon fiber cowl on the snuffer is to big to fit through our forward hatch so we have to bring it on deck to deploy. The sailbag has compression straps that squish the sail to compact it so it’s a one person job to carry. [...] Fair winds to all this summer!"

Rick & Barbara Heinen, FAR OUT

"The only piece of equipment that didn't brake was the Parasailor"

Parasailor on Lagoon 400

"I joined the ARC in 2011and bought a Parasailor from you guys. I sailed all the way to Brisbane Australiaand the only piece of equipment that didn't brake was the Parasailor. So thanks."

Jens Fjelnset, Lagoon 400, Norway

"The Parasail stayed set and never collapsed once!"

"I do find the Parasail a fantastic coastal cruising spinnaker: With winds of between 4 knots and 15 knots we had a novice at the helm for the 25 mile downwind leg and he couldn't steer a very straight course, especially when he was handed a beer. His course varied over 40 degrees and for the most part we were sailing by the lee; i.e. Parasail out to port and the wind coming on the port side of the boat. The Parasail stayed set and never collapsed once! Fantastic."

Stuart Anderson, UK

"Easy for me as a single-hander"

"The Easysnuffer made it easy for me as a single-hander to open or close the spinnaker with no "pop" or dramatic openings. It was always smooth and easy even in strong wind conditions."

Mike Harker, hang gliding pioneer and single handed circumnavigator, USA

"Our favourite sail"

The Parasailor is our favourite sail! Our boat made 9 knots in 3 knots of wind with 180 m² - a great sail. One can enjoy going downwind with the Parasailor. [...] By the way, we founded a Parasailor Club. The first member is super sailor Winfried from Essen. Welcome to the club. It is really an experience to sail with the Parasailor."

Angelika Hellwig & Uwe Oppermann, Beneteau Oceanis 50, Germany

"I look forward to flying the Parasailor all the way and at night"

"We are setting off across the Atlantic and by the time this goes to print will hopefully be half way across and I look forward to flying the Parasailor all the way and at night, not worrying about gusts as we have flown the sail on a sister boat in 30 - 40 kn without a problem, going faster than an old cruiser like me is comfortable with, but very comforting to know the squall danger is now a thing of the past and the fuel saving for light winds is going to be phenomenal."

Meme Grant, Rayvin 30 Catamaran Lunatic, South Africa