The ISTEC Cruising Bag

Cruising Bag

The Cruisingbag is rightly called an intelligent bag, because not only does it allow Parasailors and Parasails to be compressed into the smallest possible packet sizes, but also every other kind of downwind sail as well. The fasteners, which are also used in mountaineering, can be opened and closed effortlessly with just one hand. The detailed workmanship of the deck ties with which the bag can be securely attached to the deck is just as remarkable as the aluminium coated bottom that prevents any dampness seeping into the sail - or conversely dripping into your cabin. And still your sail is able to dry out easily thanks to the airing strips fitted all around the Cruisingbag.

Of course the Cruisingbag also has an oval shape just like the funnel of the Easysnuffer, so that both of them fit perfectly together. And with its four handles making it easy to move, this little pack feels at home no matter where you put in onboard.

The ISTEC Raceline Bag

Raceline Bag

When hoisting your sail, if you have a well designed bag, one developed together with regatta professionals, then you are already at an advantage not just mentally. Because in the wind-protected interior of the Racelinebag the sheets and halyards are already attached to the sail. And at the same time the Racelinebag itself is secured to the guard rail with small carabiners.

The clew rings attached to the bag are colour-coded, thus ensuring that the sail is always in the correct starboard and port position. The battens fitted into the sides of the bag strengthen and balance it, while velcro fasteners ensure that the bag remains securely fastened until you are ready to hoist. In this way the sail can be easily hoisted directly from the cockpit.

Just like with the Cruisingbag, the airing strips fitted all around the bag ensure that its snug contents can dry out well even during longer periods of storage.

In this way the Racelinebag represents the perfect home for all downwind sails and in between regattas.