What is the use of the wing?

The two immediate effects of the wing are:

  1. The wing stabilizes the sail horizontally, increasing its resistance to collapse in shifting winds.
  2. The wing provides a vertical lifting moment, adding to the overall stability of the sail and reducing the load on the bow.

Consequently, the wing lets you handle the boat more easily as:

  1. The sail is sufficiently stable to be used without a spinnaker pole.
  2. The sail is more forgiving about inattentive steering.
  3. The sail doesn't have to be constantly trimmed to be kept open.
  4. The sail can be flown from 70° on one side of the boat all the way down to 180° and back up to 70° on the other side without anyone having to work on the foredeck.
  5. The sail collaborates well with the self-steering.

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